What is illness?


Illness might be divided into two forms.


Illness caused by internal factors and illness caused by external factors.
Internal factors might be negative thinking and external might be being mugged. The first we have the potential to control the second the potential to avoid.
We have, therefore, illness as distinct from injury.

Dr. Bach, the founder of Bach Flower Therapy, stated that illness implies conflict between what a person wants and the life plan of the person’s soul.
Illness concentrates the mind on this conflict and we should look to the cause of it. If the illness is viewed as a friend and recognized and spoken to it will come up with some answers.

Ask these questions:
· What does the illness stop me from doing?
· What does the illness force me to do?
· What are the accompanying circumstances when it occurs?
Answers to these questions might show the cause of the illness.

Here is an imagined scene. I’m working hard in the garden digging a vegetable patch. The sun is shining and I’m hot and sweating.
I become aware of a backache and a dry mouth. I carry on and the back aches some more and the mouth gets drier.
I’m determined to finish the job but I get bad tempered with the discomfort and the job has now become a chore.
I pack the job in and get cross with myself and kick the cat.
I wasn’t listening to my body. My body was telling me through the aches and the dryness that I was misusing it.
If I had stopped at the first signs and had a short break and a drink of water and then done a little more I might have finished the job.

· What does the illness stop me from doing? It stopped me digging.
· What does the illness force me to do? It forced me to rest and to have a drink of water.
· What are the accompanying circumstances?

My stubbornness to continue with an unrealistic work plan is recognized.

Buddha taught, “Life is suffering”
Dr. S. Peck writes, “Life is difficult”
Benjamin Franklin said, “Those things that hurt, instruct”
Janet E. Sahafi wrote, “Some people are unwilling to accept reality; to accept that on planet Earth life is not fair or just.”
Living then, it appears,is supposed to be painful as through pain we learn and grow.
So let us welcome pain as a tool of instruction. Search for what it is trying to tell us and never try to hide from it.

Where does Reiki fit into this scene? The Reiki healing process helps to rebalance the energy flow into the body through the chakras. This will give a temporary relief and the opportunity to learn something about our illness. This learning might come in the form of thoughts or visions during or just after healing.
It might be stimulated by conversation with the healer. By actively looking for the cause of the illness we get better and the Reiki healing helps. Our problems belong to us and it is only ourselves that can cure them.
To recognize this is an important part of healing.
So don’t face problems with some form of dread. Face them in anticipation of learning and growing.

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  • I enjoyed your interpretation of illness. It is always much less complicated than we make it and I agree it is always within our power to move from that place and let healing take over, with learning. I have many experiences of this in doing Reiki for over 20 years.

    Love & Light

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