Story – Tumour Eradicated

Tumour eradicated without surgery

A client of ours who came regularly for relaxation treatments, arrived one day, with the news that a walnut sized tumour had been spotted on her womb. She was worried, but determined not to go for the hysterectomy surgery, nor radiation etc. which had been recommended by the Doctor.
She asked us what we could do for her. We advised her, that she would have to “work with us” and we would give her Reiki Healing.
During the first Reiki session, Anthony initiated her for self-healing ( we of course usually do not do this, but this case was different and after consulting our spiritual guides we were assured that it was the right thing to do).
Regular, weekly Reiki sessions followed, concentrating on her stomach, our hands stayed glued to that place to allow the healing energies to do their work. Her “homework” was to meditate on a daily basis, placing her hands on her stomach and to visualise the tumour ,”shrinking” it to nothing in her mind’s eye surrounding it with healing colour – any colour that would come to her mind. Why are we not surprised that it was red?

Six weeks later, she came through the door, beaming broadly……….her surgeon had done a scan – he did it twice, because he could not believe it : he could not find the tumour! Saying to her, that he did not understand, she in turn told him what we and she had done.
His comment was: Well, this sounds very “New Age” to me….but it has obviously worked!
The Power of Reiki and of the mind!

Love and Light….Bernadette and Anthony from
The Little House Of Avalon

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