Story – The Goldfish

I noticed that one of my fish was lying on it’s side at the bottom of the fish pond. I assumed it had died and ruefully observed that it was one of the expensive ones.
The water was cold and deep so I left it there. A few days later is floated to the surface and I scooped it out.
Then I saw the barest flicker of a fin and I decided to see if it could be rescued. So I brought it inside and put it in a bowl with some clean water.
I gave it about ten minutes of Reiki and suddenly it started to show stronger signs of life. I gave it more Reiki over the next few days and it became quite active with just one fault. It could only lie on it’s side.
I took it to the vet. and got some anti bacteria substance and cleaned the slimy growth that was attacking parts of it’s body.
It’s been this way for nearly a week getting medicine and Reiki.
There was no healing sensation in my hands giving the Reiki. Do cold blooded creatures react differently to hot blooded ones?
Where are the chakras located on a fish?
Did bringing it into a warm house increase it’s metabolism anyway?

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