Story – Spiritual Awareness

My friend had been killed in a car crash, and he was only 20 years old. We had spent many nights talking about life and spirituality. I had given him a book on spiritual awareness; he devoured it and later said he felt a change in his perception of himself and the world. I was delighted he felt that way.

A few days later after the crash, a thought of my friend popped into my mind whilst I was doing my evening meditation. I just felt a deep knowing that he needed some help in passing over to the other side. I sensed he was in shock after the accident and needed some healing energy, as he felt a bit disorientated. So again I raised my hands and let the healing energy flow. The golden energy flowed into what felt like a void before except this void was hardly perceptible to me. He seemed caught between two places. The energy only flowed for a few minutes and stopped abruptly.
What had happened? I wondered.

All of sudden there appeared in the corner of my meditation room a beautiful sphere of transparent white light with a beautiful star shining within.
I looked more deeply into the star to see only the head and shoulders of my friend in spirit form, he was smiling and well, he was shining so brightly, absolutely radiant !
And then without notice, the wonderful vision disappeared, he had passed over and I knew he was so happy where he was going.
He stopped by to let me know he was fine now.

Note to other healers :
I was blessed to have those breathtaking experiences however I would not recommend to any reiki or energy healers to take it upon themselves to send absent healing to those that have passed on – most of those who passed on do not need any help in the transistion.
Only do so if you feel Spirit prompt you to do so and if you do, firstly (and I can’t stress this enough) protect yourself with a forcefield of white or golden light.
To send healing across realities may leave you open to attracting negative astral entities.

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