Story – Reiki Smoke?

Some months ago I noticed what appeared to be smoke rising from underneath the healing couch (during a healing )and having checked all the logical things like the heater which I had used and switched off, the “smoke” kept rising.
I was a little anxious and asked Michael for protection but soon realised that the “smoke” had no negative impact.
Following the healing the patient said that she felt a wonderful joy during the healing and felt the presence of her deceased child.
Since that time I now visualise the energy flow, and the “smoke” comes and goes forming different shapes. I sense an energy at these times and suspect that the presence is more for the patient than for me.
I am prepared to “dance” with this until I know more.

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  • Whitney:

    I’ve seen Reiki as a smoke before as well. It began in my reiki meditation/treatment room. I was looking in, and the room looked like it was full of smoke, especially accumulating on the ceiling. It was neat, sometimes i see it rising off of my hands as well. Another Reiki mystery!
    – Whitney

    • Ray:

      I, myself, began to experience this phenomenon of smoke. I have learned to channel it through my fingers on demand. The emitting of smoke looks much like a smoking cigarette with periodic puffs. I’ve learned to push it out from other areas of my body including the shoulders and the top of my head and humorously, my ears. Yellow-green sparks usually accompany the smoke as it passes through my fingers. There is also a mirage as if one were looking over a heated BBQ grill or the pavement on a hot day. And yes, the room does fill with smoke, making it quite foggy. Also, most people do not see the smoke even though they, themselves, are emitting smoke. I believe everyone gives off smoke at one time or another. Breathing is the key to pushing out this smoke. If people who exercise or perform any aerobic activity knew what their bodies were doing, they’d be in absolute shock. I hope this information helps. I’m learning more and more about the smoke each day, but I doubt I will ever understand it fully.

  • paul:

    I have never received Reiki lessons myself but would love to. As im not in a good financial position at all, i find it hard to pay to become a practitioner. The reason im commenting is because i too see what looks like smoke from my hands and in the air and especially around people in certain lights.. Most noticeable the other night when i was out with family eating at a restaurant. It could only be described also as an invisible fire or flame which has energies darting all over the room.

    I think all this began since 2011 when i began having strange dreams.. i would wake up to symbols.. Giant Cubes.. giant stars.. One night i lay in bed and watched as the entire room went grey or metallic and liquid metal coloured droplets in my frontal vision formed a giant Star shape. I recieved these symbols for about a month and soon after i could see the energies. So its nice to see others seeing the same. And if anyone could direct me to a reiki master who would like to teach me, and lives close by to Tipperary/limerick… i would be forever indebted. 🙂

    Paul 37 Tipperary.


    I was doing Reiki on my daughter tonight and I saw the smoke pouring out of my fingers, or coming up from her body, don’t know which. She is feeling is energized and is doing her homework. I have no idea what that was about either. I am thinking, Reiki and the impact of her energy and burning of impurities or something. Or I am thinking incense such as purifying? Hmmm. Can anyone tell me more? I took
    one class back in Arizona with Reiki ….

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