Story – Reiki cynic

Case History from John Gilmour

Reiki people around Norwich consider me as being something of a Reiki cynic.
At the end of a recent BodyTalk seminar, John-V suggested that a Reiki treatment was an ideal follow up to BodyTalk treatment and added, ‘Of course, John-G reckons that Reiki is voodoo!’
So why am I of all people writing this note? Last evening I was driving in a stake to support a rose bush which was drooping badly and blocking a pathway in the garden. Having failed to find my mallet, I decided to use the back of a hatchet which incidentally had been recently sharpened. Although the implement was not ideal, it did the job and all was well until either through lack of care or tiredness my swing was slightly off line – like many of my golf swings – and the hatchet head hit the stake a glancing blow and continued straight on to my right thigh. For one shocked second I thought that it was the sharp edge which had hit my leg but fortunately this was not the case.
The force of the blow coupled with the sharp edge would have completely severed my thigh muscles and quite possibly broken the bone too. What a mess that would have been! Instead, I had a numb thigh with an indentation and a small break in the skin. Once the shock had worn off, I realized that I was going to have a very sore leg with a whopper of a bruise, as I know how I react to even minor knocks especially on my leg muscles!
Why not test all those stories told about how wonderful Reiki was as first aid, thought I – nothing to lose! I put my hands on the wound for a while and then I limped indoors to look for some sympathy.
Marillyn (who is a Reiki Master) joined with me in covering the area with our hands for about an hour whilst we watched Wimbledon on the television. After this, the anticipated swelling had not materialized although the thigh was still very sore.
A touch of BodyTalk was then added for good measure and I headed off to bed. This morning – magic! No pain at all, the very faintest slightly pink bruise the size of a 50p and absolutely no stiffness in the thigh and no indentation. Also, a rather stiff knee which had developed after playing golf the previous day was completely free. A lengthy walk and a session in the swimming pool this afternoon attest to the completeness of the cure.
I write this note just 24 hours after the incident and there is virtually no sign of the wound at all. The actual area is slightly tender when pressed but otherwise what would undoubtedly have been a very nasty bruise and a very stiff painful thigh was absolutely normal.

Great voodoo this Reiki, John!


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