Story – Post operative surgery.

No need for post operative surgery.

My client was fearing the need for some serious post operative surgery. I I had no other details. During the healing she stated that she was feeling very cold and sought reassurance.
At the position of the lower abdomen there was a lot of Reiki movement. After the treatment she said she had seen a clear image of her father who was taken before his time. She was surprised at the quality of the image as under normal circumstances she couldn’t picture him.
She wasn’t frightened and welcomed the experience.
I was told later that the surgery was intended for the lower abdomen but after a scan the surgeon stated that it was not now required.

Note: I’m told that the feeling of cold, and sometimes it is very intense, can be associated with people from the past.
They want to help and give some support or some message. Some clients push them away in fear. Encourage them to greet them.

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