Story – Healing Hands

Healing Hands

For some weeks I had been experiencing major problems with my skin on my left hand, especially on the fingers , which was reacting strongly with a rash whenever I administered Aroma Therapy Massages. I know that I am a very sensitive person, and prone to many types of allergic reactions – but this was new. So after doing some self-assessments, and ruling one thing after the other out, even with the help of a laboratory in Europe, who tested that the oils weren’t contaminated – I finally came to the conclusion, that yes, I was having an allergic reaction to the essential oils.

In the mean time my hand was raw and bright red inflamed, the skin hard and bone dry bursting open at the folds, so I had to take a break from Aroma Therapy. Still the problem persisted, and I was going crazy with the itch and the soreness of it ! Nothing helped.

I held a Reiki 2 workshop not long after that. During the Initiation, I felt a sudden huge increase of energy rushing through me, it seemed to me, to be an “extra” surge more than usual, nearly knocking me off my feet – my hands went on fire, the heat in the room was incredible and it seemed to me, that there was a mist in the room – afterwards all the ladies in the group commented on how hot it was, some of them felt very “spacy” with all that energy – wow!

That evening I used as I always do, the “after-energy-work” Green Pomander and my hands were stained green, which never ever happened before. Just to see if it had gone “off”, I asked my husband to use it, and : nothing! The stains stayed in my hands for several hours!

Within 3 days of my workshop, my hand has cleared – I could honestly watch and feel it heal, as the skin calmed down, the rash disappeared, no itch whatsoever since, the open skin closed, the colour has returned to normal and the skin feels soft again.

Nothing else was used – except Reiki, which spun a protective shield around my hand and healed from within, also reminding me, that I must not forget myself while doing all the work I am . Thank you!

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