Reiki Stories

This page will describe some Reiki Stories. Have you a Reiki story?

The story must protect the patient’s identity and be posted with some insight for learning purposes.


“Healing Hands” by Sundance/Little House of Avalon
“Who saved Cock Robin” by Bernadette McGowan
“Polyps Healed” by Lorraine Willis
“Spiritual Awareness” by Brian McCullen
“Reiki – beyond the Veil” by Brian McCullen
“Reiki Smoke” by John Ryan
“The Goldfish” by Michael Martin
“The Reiki Cynic” by John Gilmore
“Tumour eradicated” by Bernadette and Anthony
“No need for post operative surgery” by Michael Martin

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  • Amazing need for Reiki

    I have been practicing Reiki for three years already, and it still surprises me.

    First and foremost, in this material world Reiki seems to exist beyond reality. You cannot see the life energy whether or not you are wearing glasses. The only way to discover it is to sense it with your own material body. This is not that easy, particularly the first times, when you do not know what to expect. Every time when a person feels this energy, his or her reality and understanding of the world change. He or she realizes that the world goes beyond the visible, it is much broader and more mysterious than one could have imagined. But it is also much more simple.>>

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