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(These links are for guidance only. This site does not endorse any of the content.
It’s up to you to decide their value or not.) All sites have been checked 19/1/13 and only those who devote most of the site to Reiki have been included in this revision.

International Centre for Reiki Training

A good quality US site. The International Centre for Reiki training. Plenty of information, about 581 pages.


Reiki Healing Glastonbury UK.

A busy site with lots of links and advertisements. There is a section on Distant Healing requests which some will find useful.


Arjarva Petter

This site is hosted by the author of Reiki Fire, Frank A. Petter. Like his book it has an aura of authenticity that I like.
There is also a free newsletter available.


Reiki in Ireland

This is Patricia Loughlan’s new web site and it has a warm friedly feeling about it. It gives a brief overview of Reiki and details of her workshops. I had a Reiki session with Patricia and felt very comfortable with it.


Spiritual Rays

This is Yvonne Clarke’s web site covering Reiki & Pranic Healing. It gives good details on
many healing methods and hosts a special section on treating the chakras

Yvonne also gives Reiki circles for healers and students.


Reiki Federation of Ireland

Reiki Federation Ireland aims to foster and nurture the understanding and the practice
of Reiki as a healing art.

The purpose of RFI is to:-

  • represent a strong clear voice of Reiki in Ireland, encompassing all lineages and traditions.
  • provide guidelines and information for both Practitioners/Masters/Teachers and the
  • general public on professional standards and good practice in Reiki.
  • provide a register of recognised, qualified Practitioners and Masters/Teachers.


Reiki for All

This is Patricia Sheehan’s website. She has brought Reiki into Schools in Ireland and currently teaches Transition Year Students. She has some interesting podcasts on her website on Reiki in Schools and also on Reiki in Ireland. There are some interesting  articles on “Reiki Touching Lives” a National Conference that Patricia organised as PRO for Reiki Federation Ireland. This is a clear and informative website that you will enjoy. She also has some articles on the science behind Reiki. Patricia is a Reiki Teacher, Practitioner, Lifeskills Consultant and originally a Chartered Chemist.


Reiki for the Soul

This is the web site for Gillian McNamara in Bray, Co. Wicklow, who is a member of the Reiki Federation Ireland.
She is also a qualified Holistic Massage therapist and achieved a distinction in massage and anatomy and physiology with ITEC.


Gift of Healing

Sharon Mellon
Reiki – Seichem Master & Crystal Healer

The Benefits of Japanese Reiki

A very comprehensive web site with much to be learned

Simply Reiki

by Rosemary Lowe, South Dublin

Reiki Healing

by Brian Lawlor Co. Wexford






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