Reiki/Esoteric Articles

For preference they should be original and from the author. If not please credit the source. This site accepts no accountability for the views expressed but it hopes to give food for thought.

Karma by Gozia Drozdz

Meridians & Energy Centres by Gozia Drozdz

The Science behind Reiki by Tamisha Sabrina

Curing a salivary gland blockage by Michael Martin

Your own worth by Lauren Lee

Reiki and Illness selected from ReikiDharma newsletter No. 12

Soul Food by Cherie Carter-Scott

Fifth Dimension by Jonathan Leake

Reiki in Prison by Michelle A. McCarthy

The Look of Love by William Rand

Reiki and autism by Sarah Stacey

Christmas Spirit by Colette Hand

Other Universes by Michael Martin

Immortal dreamer by Bryan Appleyard

Scientists find “God’s particle” by Jonathan Leake

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