Hand Positions

Treating Self

(Thanks to Patricia for helping with this project

This is a good place to start practising Reiki. We are comfortable with touching our own bodies and we can concentrate on listening to the energy flow.
I use the term listening as that seems to be the best way of describing it. Healers can conduct energy through their hands and it works best at the point of contact.
By touching the body at the position of the chakras or at points where there is specific dis-ease then the maximum benefit is achieved.
Some healers maintain that the energy knows where to flow for the maximum effect so it appears that this is not a science but more of an intention.

When giving yourself a healing find a quiet warm place where you won’t be disturbed. Carry out a meditation exercise for relaxation and then position your hands as shown in the photographs giving about four minutes per position.
This is not a rule, only a guidance. Try other positions as you see fit.
If nothing happens at one position go to the next. If a lot is happening stay there until it calms down.


Treating others.

These hand positions are typically used in Reiki healing and the position of
the hands conducts energy to the body parts in closest proximity.
(My thanks to Patricia & Joe for helping out in this project)

These positions are not exclusive as there are positions for treating the back or specific body parts that require attention.
The healer is best advised to use intuition and rely on the intelligence of Reiki to work where it knows best.
For beginners it’s good to have guidelines but not to have them carved in stone – flexibility and trust -use them.


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