Forgiveness, my father

Forgiving. An end to nightmares

This is a precis of an article presented in the Sunday Times Magazine dated 27/1/02. Interview by Danny Danziger.

Under the Section, Best of Times Worst of Times, Rhonda Britten, author and television presenter tells her story.

She believed her father hated her from her childhood. When her parents separated she was 14 and happy at the situation. Her mother was getting along well and starting to enjoy her life again with her boyfriend.

Her father was invited to the house for Father’s Day. He came full of rage and armed with a gun. He killed her mother and then killed himself covering her with his blood and hair.

She was lonely and cried all night from 14 until she was 28. She had a dream that her father was killing her and that she had big jagged bullet holes in her. She hated to go to bed at night and would wake up as if she ha been in a battle.

One night she screamed at him asking him what he wanted. He remained silent while she was crying and screaming. She told that he had won and walked to him and hugged him and told him that she forgave him.
He told her that was what he waiting for.

Since then she hadn’t had a bad dream

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