Forgiveness is Healing

To start out, I had a very bad school experience. I was very shy and more like a hermit than a regular student. To say the least, I withstood a lot of abuse. One boy in particular would do anything he could to draw any kind of bad emotion from me whether it be making fun of me, drawing horrible pictures of me and showing them to everyone, having an entire bus load of people listen to some embarrassing story, most often made up, or hitting or pushing me to the ground, etc.
It got to the point where I was in constant fear of seeing him, and even more so, of him seeing me. Well, time went on and I graduated, but I never really got over what had happened all those years.
The anger and helplessness I had felt was still kept stored up inside me. About a year after I graduated, a friend told me that he (the mean guy from high school) was dating one of my friends. She also informed me that he wanted to see me and get together as friends and just ‘hang out’.
This thought was incredibly unappealing, but I found myself agreeing. We got together and everything went fine.
We talked like we had never known each other before, and I was amazed this was the same guy who had tortured me in school. At the end of the night I was getting in my car and he approached me. He apologized for everything he ever did to me and for everything that he and his friends ever did. I accepted his apology.
Then he hugged me. And I hugged him back!!!
That was probably the most healing experience of my life, because it rid me of all the helplessness and anger I had pushed to the pit of my stomach.

The experiences I had in high school made me stronger, but his apology made me stop living in the past, and live in the present.

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