Distant Healing.

Distant healing is a method used to send healing when there can be no physical contact with the client.
I found this hard to understand at first but I joined a Healing Request Group and spent about 18 months sending healing to a different person each week and giving four sessions of about twenty minutes during the week.
It does work in a similar fashion to hands-on healing although I found that the energy flow through the hands to feel different.
There was good feedback from many of the people who had requested the healing and this was generally on behalf of a friend or family member. There are no guarantees, of course, but there is generally some benefit.


To request a healing please  contact one of the volunteers for a positive ‘one to one’ .

To volunteer as a healer just send an email

Bobbi Curtis email

Kelly Lynch email

Gráinne O’Toole email

Lorelai I. Dali email

Robert Higgins email

Dymphna Keegan  email

Arkadiusz  email

Muireann  email

Deirdre Crowley  email

Ann Byrne  email

Farita Tyrrell  email

Barry Lonergan  email

These are in date order and updated November 2015.

Those in Green have re-registered for 2013

New volunteers are added to the top of the list.

6 Responses to “Distant Healing.”

  • Mary McSweeney:

    I would ask healing for a dear friend who is battling Cancer and has but hours given by the medical profession before she transits. I ask for healig for here geater good and highest order. in love and light

    She is in St.,Lukes Hospital her name is Ann Many thanks

  • Fredric Roider:

    Reiki is very helpful in relieving stress and also for muscle relaxation. I always use reiki to reduce my panic attacks. *;,*;

    Till next time

  • Exactly where did you get the ideas to create ““Distant
    Healing. | Reiki.ie”? Many thanks ,Preston

  • Eileen:

    Hi I am requesting some distance reiki healing for my mother who is suffering with anxiety and has a drink problem, I would also like to send some towards my aunt who has the early signs of dementia. I would also like to recieve some for myself as I am sitting exams soon and I am very stressed at the moment. Kind regards. Blessing and Best wishes to all the healers. x

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