Introduction to the Chakras

Extensive reading on this subject reveals differences in colour, function and position recorded by different seers.
This is off putting. Maybe seers do see them differently and anything in the quantum field seems to belie the natural way of looking at things anyway.
For the purpose of this section I have used the books by Barbara Anne Brennan who, as well as being a qualified scientist, is a remarkable healer and teacher.

The Collins dictionary gives no definition for chakra but esoterically it is stated to be a Sanskrit word meaning wheel.
For this is how it appears, a whirling vortex of energy.

If it is accepted that all life is materialised energy moving around in a sea of unseen energy then it might be easy to understand that this energy is needed to feed the spiritual aspect of our human form.
Our physical bodies require food and water to keep us alive and our spiritual bodies need this unseen energy (intelligence) to make the human form work.
This energy is fed into the system through the chakra positions. When we are healthy the chakras are open and the energy flows freely. When we are unwell this is because the chakras are blocked. Reiki, and other hands-on healing techniques, helps to free the flow of energy through the chakras.

There are seven major chakras and twenty-one minor chakras. Each chakra has a physical, emotional and spiritual influence on the body parts nearest to it. The use of a pendulum dowser can indicate the condition of the chakras.

Crown, Brow, Throat, Heart, Solar, Sacral, Base

An exercise I use regularly is to imagine each chakra in turn and encourage it to turn freely drawing energy into the system.

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