Article – Reiki & Autism

(This is condensed from an article edited by Sarah Stacey and included in YOU magazine dated 5/8/01)

YOU reader Penny Wishart and her husband Gordon say that, over the past year, Reiki has made a big difference to their family’s well being especially for their severely autistic son Tom, ten.

‘I used to get lower back pain’, says Penny, ‘so twelve months ago I went to a friend for back massage. She also gave me a Reiki healing and the pain disappeared. My husband and I were so impressed we trained as Reiki healers. The only way that I can describe it is that Reiki gives you the purity of being you have when you are born.

I found I cried over a lot of happenings in my life but each time I felt lighter and better. Emotionally I feel fantastic. Our eleven year old daughter Georgina gets us to give her Reiki when she hurts herself and I can honestly say it has changed my life where our son Tom is concerned.

He was totally locked in his own world and could be very aggressive, but after we trained in Reiki he started to cuddle us. He picks up on everyone’s feelings so if he’s about to have a tantrum I put my hands on myself so I stay calm and that filters through to him. We also use Reiki to lower his temperature when he is unwell.

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  • Kasia:

    Dear Sarah,

    I am a student from Poland (special pedagogy – oligofrenopedagogy) and I am writing my MA thesis. I found your article about Reiki and Autism. I would like to write thesis about Reiki and her influence on autistic children. Here In Poland this topic is still very unknown and I am looking for people who will help with my research. I would like to make survey for people who gave Reiki for those children and also for parents who use this method to help their children. Will you agree to complete my survey. I know you make Reiki therapy for those kids. I would be really grateful for any help.
    Best wishes! With Love Kasia

    • Dear Kasia,

      I am a Reiki Master in Estonia and I have positive experience with a 18-year-old girl with Asperger Syndrome and anorexia. I have given her Indian head massage together with Reiki about twice a month for several months already. This has made her calmer, happier and when she usually needs to take her antidepressant medication daily, she needs to take it every other day for a week or more, after she has received a session.

      Best greetings

      Reet (Estonian for Margareth)

  • Nancy:

    I have been using Reiki on my grandson, who is now 5, since he was born. The difference I see in him daily, compared to some of the other children in his special needs class, shows how much reiki can and does help children with autism.

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