Article – Meridians and Energy Centres

Meridians and energy centers.
(submitted by Gosia Drozdz)

There are 12 major meridians , named after the internal organs they are connected to. The internal organs are like reservoirs of the body’s energy, and the meridians are like rivers that flow from them.
These 12 meridians pass through the internal organs to the tips of toes, top of the head and ends of the fingers.
The meridians carry energy to and from the body’s energy centers : the three tan tien and seven chakras.

Meridians connect specific teeth, organs, tissues, in fact, everything in the body.
Each of the 12 main meridians has a strong influence over one organ, from which it gets its name. the lung are traditionally start of the meridian system and are known as the chi storehouse.
The flow of chi peaks in each meridian at different times of day.

According to Chinese theory, the cycles of chi energy moving through the organs follow a daily clock-like pattern. The flow of energy is said to follow oscillating energy cycles with respect to time of day. Each of the main meridians has two, two-hour periods, during which, energy flow is first at a maximum and then later at a minimum intensity of circulation.
It is well known that many biological events seem to follow the maxima and minima of solar activity. The meridian system may be the energetic mechanism by which changes in solar activity are translated into cellular and physiological effects.

The organs are categorized as being hollow or full.
The lungs, kidney, spleen, liver, heart, and pericardium are full organs.
They all make and store substances:
• The lung generate and store chi.
• The kidney create and store essence ( the vital energy).
• The spleen makes blood.
• The liver filters and stores blood
• The pericardium protects(stores) the heart.
The hollow organs are: stomach, small and large intestines, bladder, triple warmer, gall bladder. They process food so it can be used by the body.
• In stomach receive food.
• The small and large intestines transmit waste.
• The bladder releases urine.
• The triple warmer releases heart.
• Gall bladder releases bile.
Each organ is also linked with one of five elements of wood, metal, earth, fire and water.
The lungs and large intestine are metal, the stomach and spleen are earth, the heart, small intestine, pericardium, and triple warmer are fire, the bladder and kidney are water, and the gall bladder and liver are wood.

The CHI Peaks:

1. Lung meridian 3a.m – 5a.m
2. large intestine meridian 5a.m – 7a.m
3. stomach meridian 7a.m – 9a.m
4. spleen meridian 9a.m – 11a.m
5. heart meridian 11a.m – 1p.m
6. small intestine meridian 1p.m – 3p.m
7. bladder meridian 3p.m – 5p.m
8. kidney meridian 5p.m – 7p.m
9. pericardium meridian 9p.m – 11p.m
10. triple warmer meridian 7p.m- 9.p.m
11. gall bladder meridian 11.p.m – 1.a.m
12. liver meridian 1a.m – 3.a.m

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