Article – Karma

by Gozia Drozdz

Some people may think that karma is destiny.
For example, those born with physical or mental disabilities face severe limits, for this existence at least. However, nothing is fixed in stone or predestined, and just as no one is born noble or born evil, the condition of the mind depends on what you do with it.

Sometimes people like to think that they had good fortune because of some supreme being and, therefore, often think the same when something unfortunate occurs.

However, whatever we experience is the consciousness that we created ourselves, and although one effect does not especially relate to a cause, meaning that if we bake a pie for someone then someone will bake a pie for us, the shade of the consciousness is exact because it stems from our mind and was created there to begin with.

There is also a tendency for some people to think that such things only happen to others; like sheep and cattle who see the truck carrying their friends down the road but have no idea what it means…
If you blame the victim, you will be blamed, rather than helped, when you happen to be the victim. As one spokesperson for the disabled in America pointedly quipped in a television interview, “Remember, we are an equal-opportunity club. You can become one of us anytime.”
It is not for us to say, “It is the result of your karma.” It is for us to ask, “Given his or her condition, what is my duty, my dharma?”

If I trip and fall, do I blame the law of gravitation? It explains my fall. But it also explains why I can walk after standing, without fear of flying off the Earth. So, while one can blame one’s past karma, one cannot blame the law of karma.

“We should only have control over our thoughts and therefore our actions, which will affect and influence others. To want to control others leaves ourselves at a point of weakness because we will no longer be learning but telling, instructing and finally tying to control others instead of controlling ourselves. When we try to control a situation we are not allowing karma to teach us our lessons of life. This way we will always be attracting the same situations without an understanding that we need to go through specific lessons to reach other bigger ones.

Finally we are not in control and we only think we are when we try and control our immediate surroundings.”** This mentality gives the illusion of a person being big and important but they do not realizing it is really being big in a small environment.
Each time we find someone to place the blame on (even when we believe it is not our fault), we are placing future delinquent karma on our self that will come back to challenge us- and possibly much harder.
We were put on earth to be able to make choices and each person should keep their eyes on themselves to make sure they are pure before casting shadows on others.

* In Indian philosophy “higher true”
** Yogi Cameron In “Soul Search”

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This is a concept I find difficult to understand and yet it has a great facination for me.

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