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(This is an extract from an article submitted to the Sunday Times dated 17th. September, 2000 by Bryan Appleyard)

James Lovelock is credited by his peers as being the greatest scientific seer of his time. It is he that proposed the Gaia theory.

(Gaia, Gaea or Ge, is the name of the Goddess Earth who sprang from Chaos)

Briefly the theory states that organisms alter their environment. Lovelock had been mystified by the way the Earth maintained an equilibrium in key life-preserving areas such as temperature and the salinity of the sea.
He realised that the equilibrium was caused by the activities of life itself which created feedback mechanisms that insured its own survival.
The Earth, he said, could be regarded as a single living organism, a self sustaining whole.
The message of Gaia is that, whatever wonders we can do with our science, we are destined to remain enfolded by this quasi-organism that is the planet Earth.
This should restore the ancient truth of religion that we are a part of something much larger than ourselves.
He states that it is comforting to think I am a part of her and to know that my destiny is to merge with the chemistry of our living planet.


So what has this to do with Reiki?

Esoteric thinking, including Reiki, has for millennia stated that all life is intrinsically connected. That we are a part of something very big and that we have a right to be here and an importance in being here.
In giving a Reiki healing we are channelling an energy from a higher source and guiding it to the patient to assist a healing process. To know this is a great comfort and to take part in the process is a privilege.
What science is stating to be a truth has always been known.
There is a satisfaction, however, to see science and spirit coming to the same conclusion as it reinforces this truth.

And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee.
John Donne (1571? – 1631)

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