Article – God’s Particle

Scientists find “God’s particle”

(This is an extract from an article by Jonathan Leake, Science editor of the Sunday Times, 10/9/2000)

There is great excitement at the European Particle Physics Centre.
In 1960 Peter Higgs suggested that there was a small elementary particle of matter, a bosun, which gave other small particles mass.
After 40 years of experimentation and at a cost of £6 billion the scientists are 99% certain that they have found it.
Higgs suggested that the universe is permeated by an undetectable form of energy that has since become known as the Higgs field.
This field interacts with the elementary particles that make up ordinary matter. This interaction results in the formation of Higgs bosuns that affect matter particles and give them their mass.
Without these bosuns, or if they had slightly different properties, then stars, planets and life could never have evolved.


So, what’s this to do with Reiki?
I don’t know, but is it not a coincidence that scientists are now confirming what esoteric studies have accepted as valid for millennia? That there is a universal life energy permeating all things.
That there is a great intelligence conducting a life plan that we are a part of.
According to Barbara Ann Brennan, in her book “Hands of Light”, in 500 B.C. students of Pythagoras recorded that light could effect human organisms including improving health.
Today, the human energy field, HEF, which can be detected in the laboratory, is believed to be some state between matter and energy. The HEF might be a picture of how we are assembled in the human form, ( energy ” plasma ” matter) and that the intention during a healing session can affect the picture and help to restore health.

If the scientist and the sensitive worked more closely would we get a better understanding of what is really happening?

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