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Years ago, when I was watering the garden on Christmas Eve, I had an experience which has effected my Christmas eve’s ever since.

I want to share this with you as I find it is one of the great experiences each year. That first time, I was outside watering the garden. The stars were winking into presence in a fading pink sky, and there was the hush one often feels at these times.

In that silence I heard singing. I thought someone must have had a CD on somewhere across the paddocks , but as I listened and felt the music, I realized it was all around me, and I just knew I heard the song of angels. Its sweetness took me and I felt at one with all creation, and the love of the Father and the Mother seemed close, and as I thought of Christ’s birth, I imagined I saw a gleaming star glow above me.

Had I transported back in time? The sweetness of that experience is still with me as I write it — the wonder and sacredness of it. I decided then that at that time each Christmas Eve I would consciously tune in to Christmas. I thought logically that if the whole world celebrated Christmas, even in unique ways, then it would be possible to find the love of God amongst it all, and I wanted to share that, feed it with my own love and to give my love to the blessed child born somewhere out of time in a manger.

The following year I stood under the stars as I do and called in the angels. I sent my love and joy to all that was and sang in my heart a song of love to all that heard on the ethers. It felt as if the earth turned more slowly. I felt the presence of angels and love, love, love. I felt angelic beings stand with me, and I felt one step into my body and become me. I seemed to have wings on my shoulders and the light around me was great.

I sent my love to Jesus, humanity — to all things and as the vision and sensations faded, I felt I had truly touched the meaning of Christmas and Christ’s Birth.

I went inside and watched carols by candlelight on television in happy silence, imbued with a joy of union as never before. The following year my daughter wanted to be with me for this. I wrapped my arms around her and allowed the spirit of Christmas to take us.

We found ourselves in a field, and we could hear that same singing of angels. Before us was a stable, and we entered to find the blessed child in a manger as described. The animals created a warmth and earthiness amongst fresh hay, the smell tangible. Mary and Joseph seemed to look at me, and I though I saw angels amongst the fabric of the place like glowing outlines that shimmered and gave off great love. The child lay as I thought, and reached tiny arms up to me. I looked deeply into Christs eyes. They were not the eyes of a child– they were the eyes of eternity and love and creation. I gave my blessings and in the heartbeat that filled me with creations love, I found myself back at home in the garden.

My daughter was with me, as before, and all around us we could smell hay, fresh hay. There was none anywhere and the smell of it had returned with us from the stable. My 14 year old was moved by the experience and tried to find the hay — but as I said to her, some things can never be explained.

The joy of being there in that stable can only be described as humbling and overwhelming. It is easy to dream what we choose — but even in our own creations, wonder may find us. Yet my daughter and I saw and experienced the same thing and felt and saw the creation of divine power — and we both smelt the hay.

Last year under those same stars I met Santa Clause. He was a manifestation of Christmas created by man yet the Angels told me that he too was an angel in a way. As man had forgotten the true purpose of Christmas and instead worshiped an icon in a red suit, it too represented the giving and loving and belonging man sought on that one night each year and as many had forgotten Christ, in a way his form was of the angel Saint Nic and in this lay the giving and remembrances of a Christmas past.

So what will happen this year? As the energies embrace me, a new learning shall be gifted, a greater connection to love, and thus ,more giving. In the experience Christmas becomes more meaningful and serves a deeper purpose. Join me and find this place — and open your heart to the greatest of love and giving — for isn’t this what Christmas is all about?

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