Article – 5th Dimension

Vanishing Particles lead Scientists to Fifth Dimension.

(By Jonathan Leake. Science editor for The Sunday Times, dated 17th February 2002
aatom Science fiction predicted it and now researchers have found the proof. There is a fifth dimension – and there may be more.
Scientists have found that some subatomic particles vanish, apparently into another dimension, when they are fired into each other at high speeds.
The research is still under way but Maria Spiropulu,32, who is leading the work at the Enrico Fermi Institute in Chicago, believes is it a breakthrough – in an area that defeated even Albert Einstein.
She said: “We are very close to a new view of reality. The way we think aout things is about to change.”
The nature of the fifth dimension is also becoming clearer. Some theorists suggest that extra dimension could be small, as if space had become wrapped into itself. At such tiny sizes gravity, electromagnetism and the other forces would work in harmony.
Spiropulu’s work suggests they are right.

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We only see a small part of that which is around us – limited by our human senses – but through Reiki and other healing techniques we can tap into other dimensions.

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