Story – Beyond the Veil

I would like to share with you an amazing experience.
My teacher asked us to send healing to her father. I thought nothing of it, feeling perfectly at ease with Reiki even after only a day of training.
I centred myself, raised my hands and energetically searched for the recipient. I saw myself going with the Reiki energy flowing down into a void of bright white light. The energy intensified and sped even faster into a tunnel of blue light, my consciousness spiralled with the healing energy through this tunnel, twisting and turning around and around.
All of a sudden I stopped dead in my tracks yet the energy sped on into the end of the blue tunnel. I sensed an invisible barrier, only seeing pure white light. I felt the energy had gone on into the blazing white light to its destination.
I was told gently by an inner voice; “you cannot go any further”. I shot backwards through the tunnel, back to my body and outer senses. I was in awe of the experience I just had.
When I recounted the experience to everyone present, my teacher began to cry, smiling through the tears. I was confused and it was explained to me that her father had passed over only a short while beforehand.
I only then realised what had happened, the healing energy had travelled right over to the next dimension to where father had passed over to. My teacher was emotional but joyful that her father was okay; she said she could feel a comforting energy to her right hand side.
I closed my eyes and tuned in, I could see a side profile of a tall being with a large arching feathered wing, this inner vision was inverted as in a negative photograph – I could only perceive it’s outline.
I realised to my delight it was an angel, comforting my grieving teacher.


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